MC Chapel Fellowship presents ARISE and ACHIEVE, a perpetual leadership-relationship course to help develop leadership excellence in these highly demanding and stressful times.

Advance your career and enrich your relationships by learning time-honored and solid leadership principles. 

Small businesses, corporate executives, educators, athletes, service workers, those in ministry, in politics, marriages, and parents—anyone who interacts with others in our culture should arise and achieve their highest in leadership potential.

Thursday evenings   7 PM to 8:30 PM
The Abbey / St. Joseph's Bldg Suite 102
2951 E. Hwy 50, Canon City CO 81212
    Review online past class sessions:  ARISE and ACHIEVE YouTube Channel 

This class is a perpetual course held weekly having varying topics on principles of leadership, mentoring, communication, and example living. Role-playing, speech presentation opportunities, and proper use of authority along with delegation-management, project management, confrontation and crisis management will be aspects of the class curriculum.


The course is developed for the MCCF staff and is offered to the community as a “FEE-FREE” program, however donations are encouraged and appreciated. Seating is limited on a first come basis, so sign up now to secure your place.


There may be additional costs for the purchase of class resources (a recommended book), class practicums participation or class field trips.


If you need more information before you decide call (888) 575-9626

If you plan to attend in person - use the following link to enroll:  REGISTER ONLINE NOW 

Long distance attendance: Use Google Hangouts, join by going to our G+ page


While you are on our G+ page you can add us to your circles and post a comment requesting that you be added to our attendees circle. This will help us keep track of attendance and give us an easy way to communicate announcements regarding classes.


The number of people allowed to participate is limited (the number that can view but not participate is unlimited), and seats are first come first served.




Charles Pretlow, Senior Pastor: Pastor Pretlow has nearly three decades experience in ministry, pastoral counseling and leadership training. He completed his basic Bible classes at Seattle Pacific College and finished his undergraduate work at Central Washington University in Business Administration and Computer Science.  His military training in leadership and as an instructor, along with years of coaching athletics adds to a well-rounded approach in leadership instruction, mentoring and training. It was in 1973, while in the Marines, that he came to know Christ and then in 1974 started his ministerial work. 
     Charles relies on his extensive knowledge and understanding of Scripture, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Christ’s teachings to present leadership principles often overlooked or avoided. His leadership in crisis and decision making under stress lectures are honed from years of discipline and discernment training.  
Mark Otto, Associate Pastor: Years of ministry, leadership, mentoring and counseling experience, along with the gifts of the Spirit has proven Mark very effective in helping others work on their leadership skills. Like the other team members, Mark can empathize with the challenges in applying wisdom and patience in the decision making process. Mark’s ability and gifting to instruct and exhort from the word of God is insightful, challenging and uplifting; in patience, he is able to explain the harder teachings of Christ and Scripture that are paramount in successfully managing projects and delegating authority to subordinates.

 Jerrene Otto, Associate Pastor: As a disciple of Christ with years of experience dating back to the mid 90’s, Jerrene has seen much confusion in the body of Christ caused by false doctrine and quick fix gimmicks that catapult immature Christian into leadership before God’s timing. Jerrene received practical training in project management and team leadership at Boeing. As a Christ centered motivational speaker, Jerrene weaves her personal and professional experiences into her lectures and training classes, helping those attending strengthen faith in Christ and learn to discover their own leadership giftings.



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