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      MC Chapel Fellowship is a non-denominational fellowship under the auspices of MC Global Ministries.  MCCF's primary mission is to provide fellowship and training for the MCGM staff, their families, and likeminded believers in our community.
      Jesus warned that in the last days great deception would come upon God's people. True Christians should seek the power of God and spiritual gifts, with discernment. Many on fire Christians are taken in by false teachings and become endued with false spiritual power, counterfeit manifestations, and learn to practice false gifts.
       We recommend viewing the following three short video messages about counterfeit gifts and false manifestations sweeping through major sections of the body of Christ:

For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18

Associate Pastor Mark Otto
      Years of ministry, leadership, mentoring and counseling experience, along with the gifts of the Spirit has proven Mark is very effective in helping others work through the most difficult challenges.
      Like all the team members, Mark can empathize with those challenges in becoming whole in Christ. Mark's ability and gifting to instruct and exhort from the word of God is insightful, challenging and uplifting; in patience he is able to explain the harder teachings of Christ and Scripture. Mark shares the preaching and teaching aspects of MC Chapel Fellowship and mentors others in our fellowship.

Our mission: It's simple, and it follows Christ's mission that he gave to the original disciples:
      To make disciples by teaching them to observe all that Christ commanded and taught. (Matthew 28:19-20)
      Here you will be encouraged, strengthened and challenged -- to grow in maturity and be part of the body of Christ - His church.
     Many of God's people suffer from a crushed spirit and damaged emotions. This kind of condition creates many difficulties in following Christ and becoming Christ-like in character. Our ministry specializes in helping facilitate true healing and transformation.

Ministry Team
Statement of Faith:
The following is our short version.
We believe...
In the verbal Divine inspiration of the original Scriptures.
In the absolute Trinity of the eternal God-head.
In the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.
In the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit.
In the full salvation by grace through faith in Christ and not of religious works.
In the rapture of the saints or the true body of Christ at the end of the Great Tribulation.
In the personal, literal, bodily pre-millennia coming of Jesus Christ.

Review the entire statement of faith in PDF format :
 Full Statement of Faith

Mission and Statement of Faith
Ministry Team Leader Carly Poe
Carly leads our Wednesday evening fellowship. Her own life experiences have taught her that entering the narrow gate and walking the narrow-hard road, abiding in Christ leads to the abundant life in Christ. With a decree in curriculum development and years in missions work in Central Americas,  Carly facilitates Wednesday evening lessons with wisdom and insight.


Ministry Team Leader Marisela Runyan
Marisela leads our Saturday Single Ladies Bible study, Her years of experience in teaching Bible. As Jump Start Day Center operations director and her work in recovery. managing staff and clients gives her the advantage in directing the overall operations of the day center. Her ability to inspire and help the team stayed focused on mission proves invaluable.

Mike Erickson - Day Center Coordinator
Mike coordinates all the activities of the day center and the short-term shelter program. His past training and work with those in crisis and those without shelter makes him highly qualified in managing challenging situations and mentoring those in program.

Shireen Tyler - Administrative Secretary
Shireen enjoys helping others in recovery. Her background in administration and scheduling lends help to the team's efficiency and success. Give her a call when you need to know what's going on and what job or project a team member is tackling.

Kundalini Warning Part 1  Kundalini Warning Part 2    -  Kundalini Warning Part 3
Also, we encourage you to listen to Anton Sawyer's 1986 prophetic message for last days Christians.
Listen to David Wilkerson's vision from 1973 concerning the last days.
Listen to  David Wilkerson's audio book "The Vision and Beyond"  
These 1973 prophetic warnings are coming to pass at breakneck speeds


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Senior Pastor Charles Pretlow
      It was in 1973, when Charles accepted Christ, just after his reenlistment in the Marines for six more years. Then in 1974, after reading David Wilkerson's book The Vision, he accepted Christ's call to full time ministry, and requested an early release from the Corps. Miraculously, his honorable discharge was granted.
      In January of 1975 he began Bible College and accepted his first ministry appointment. His years of formal education and leadership training has helped him in ministry. However, his more in-depth training, wisdom, and character development was honed through years of ministering in a wilderness type training, facilitated by Jesus in the discipline of the Lord.
       His call is helping Christians become tribulation proof and rapture ready. Most Christians are not prepared for the coming troubles that God will use to make His church "without spot or blemish" - if you will, rapture ready.

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